DIY Kitchen Tips : Storage Idea For Small Kitchen

I always have an idea in my mind. Last idea about DIY Teacup Planters make me have idea for small kitchen.
Do you delight in cooking, but do you have a small cooking area? Do you have no idea where to put your cookware, is your kitchen cabinet too small? Here we will give you suggestions how to outsmart your little cooking area.
A small cooking area cannot be your favorite location to make a full family dish. Also, it will look messy when your cooking area has plenty of dishware, kitchen area utensils, and cooking area utensils. With these ideas, you will set your kitchen tidier and efficient.

1. Extra storage idea for small kitchen area

The area between the kitchen area cabinet and the ceiling is not always well utilized since it is typically just too narrow for kitchen area devices. But if you stack your pans and baking trays here, that conserves a great deal of area in your cabinets! Position them vertically, as on the picture, so that you can quickly grab them and move them in once again after use.


2. Tidy up.

Okay, we comprehend that your inner chef does not have time for that. However, it saves a great deal of time and mess when you wash and utilize your spoons and knives, instead of getting a brand-new one after every action. Try to keep your worktop free and tidy even after cooking, this will make your cooking area look bigger.

The Kitchen is the heart of home but when you don’t have much space to organise it makes every inch of your kitchen work extra hard. When you store your pots and cooking utensils on your stovetop everything you need is always at-hand. The thin space between your fridge and the wall is the prime real estate for organising. Put down a narrow shelf, and you got one more space to store your canned food. Nail all boards together to make the primary structure.

After the shelf comes together, drill holes for the dowels. Insert dowels into the holes, use wood glue for extra support. If you want, you could paint a design or a pop of colour on the inside of the cabinet. Since no one will see this unless it’s open, attach the casters to the shelf and then connect your handle or knob to pull the  ssembly in and out.


3. Set up a bigger crane.

The higher the tap, the more cleaning you can do in the sink, and that is very useful if you have a little cooking area. The washing itself is likewise simpler because big pans often simply do not fit the basic tap.


4. Hang up your pans!

Such a pegboard as above is extremely easy to make. Purchase a perforated plate, paint it in a great color and hang with your brackets all your pans and ladles on the plate. You could even screw this DIY on your door. And it looks great too!

Making a wall rack for your platters serves two essential purposes. It creates extra storage, and it doubles as wall art. Create a standing shelf by attaching plain pine boards with a nail gun. After the frame is built, use nail gun again to attach it to the wall and cupboard. To hold the plates, you could use traditional wood strapping, or if you want it to be a bit more industrial, use galvanized metal strapping. Aged them by using muriatic acid with proper safety precautions and attached them directly to the shelf.


5. A bigger worksheet.

With a little cooking area, regrettably, often likewise a little worktop. However, if you cook on a separate range, you can quickly produce more office by covering the stove with, for example, a great large cutting board. We have selected a few budget plan boards for you. Such a cutting board can also be placed on the sink.


6. Use the height.

A cupboard is so useful for keeping components, meals, and glasses. Then utilize the height of the room! Purchase a high shelf cabinet, or hang big racks on top of each other on the wall. Part this cabinet handy: at eye level the products you utilize the most, on the bottom shelf heavy kitchen area machines, and so on. The leading shelf can then be used for lovely cookbooks and glass jars with herbs. The case is not only practical, but it also looks nice!


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Most Valuable Teacups and Saucers for DIY Teacup Planters

This is a simple project using most valuable teacups and saucers. One I’d been planning to do for some time, but just didn’t get around to it. Do you have those projects? I’m sure you do. You know, the ones that take no time to complete? The ones that you keep putting off? The ones that are so rewarding once you finally just go for it? This was one of those projects!

I picked up plain white teacups at a local thrift store for under $1 a piece. I knew I wanted to embellish them with some doodles. I’d purchased them to use as vessels for making candles. Since I am not making candles anytime soon, I decided to use them for a couple of small succulents who needed some cozy containers to live. Perfect!


most valuable teacups and saucers, bowls, mugs or any vessel in need of a facelift
Paint pens in various colors*
Small succulents
Potting soil
Small rocks or pebbles

*I used Craft Smart paint pens. These are acrylic, non-toxic and water resistant. Ideal for wood, plastic, metal, and glass. Purchased at Michael’s

INSTRUCTIONS DIY Teacup Planters Using Most Valuable Teacups and Saucers

  • Wash and dry your vessels.
  • Follow directions for paint pen. I had to shake, shake, shake it. Test on a scrap of paper.
  • Start doodling! I drew on the teacups without a plan. You can sketch out ideas if you’d like or use a stencil if you aren’t feeling up to freehand. I made mistakes, but that’s ok. Don’t be afraid! Mistakes are beautiful. A lesson I’m learning…
  • Let the designs dry. I waited an hour before planting. This was difficult!
  • Place some rocks or pebbles in the bottom of your vessel, and top with a bit of soil in before centering your succulent.
  • Hold the succulent in place while packing in soil all around it. Water well, add more soil if needed.
  • Now, place you lovely custom planter in a sunny spot and enjoy!

I’m kind of addicted to this project. It’s so simple. What a lovely housewarming gift, no? Can’t wait to make lots more of these! I also plan to doodle on other dishes. It’s so much fun.

Have you tried this? I’d love to see your creations. My idea for this creation also i got from this video

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