Tips Make Green Smoothie as Beginner

For you who start to counter your digestive issue with drink green smoothie every day, you should understand these basics info to allow you to maximize the benefits of your green smoothie:

1. Include vegetable roots into your smoothie is basic green juice cheat sheet

You should not include everything grows underground, such as beet or beetroot comes not, for e.g.: celeriac, carrots, potatoes, parsnips.
The reason is that the root vegetable contains starch (long-chain carbohydrates) and needs more time to digest.


2. Put seeds, nuts, and superfoods into your smoothie

For you who just started with a green smoothie, I suggest you avoid seeds like chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, as well as superfoods like goji, maca, chlorella, cocoa, acai berry.

The reason is, those superfoods can make your smoothie texture becomes harder, and this will make your digestion work harder.


3. Drink a glass of smoothie, like drink a glass of beer

Keep in mind that green smoothies are a full meal. That is why we need to let the saliva this one in the mouth by repeatedly chewing the digestive activity to promote and improve nutrient uptake.


4. Drink green smoothies after you take your meal

Green smoothies are particularly easy to digest and should be drunk always alone for themselves. In the worst case, you’re drinking green smoothies after a heavy protein and high-fat meal. Then the fruits in the digestive tract are disturbed and begin to ferment and bloating.


5. Start with massive amount of liters

As a beginner, you should not start with an enormous amount of smoothie, you could start with 500ml in the first week. And then step by step you can add more until 1 liter after you feel your body already accept your smoothie intake.


6. Store your smoothie in the plastics or aluminum bottle

Yes, BPA free plastics bottle and aluminum are categorized safe for foods, but the taste of green smoothies can be changed it specifically for storage about one day. Best is store it in a glass bottle and drink it as soon as possible, or you can store it on the refrigerator until the next 6 hours. So i am always have a glass bottle in my small kitchen to store my smoothie. See also my tips to optimize your small kitchen.


7. Use non-greeny vegetables for making smoothies

Is it a little bit weird right? Green smoothie but is not using green vegetables!
Some people try to avoid the leafy taste and prefer to use cabbage or lettuce, you probably one of them.
But you need to understand that green vegetables mean a higher nutrition, the green color comes from the chlorophyll which contains
a lot of nutrition and anti-oxidant and proven good for resembles our hemoglobin, the red blood dye, stains red blood with the help of irons.


8. Only use spinach as a green vegetable

Spinach is suitable as an ingredient for beginners very well due to the mild taste. However mature spinach leaves (use) contain more oxalic acid, mainly in frozen spinach what is long term long term can negatively impact an excessive consumption on the kidneys. Change the leaf green more often and prefer baby spinach or young spinach leaves, in which the oxalic acid is far less pronounced.


9. Use the low power blender

Mix and blend all the ingredients is the essential thing when making a green smoothie. Using a low-quality power blender will only lead you into a problem where the fibers from the leafy greens hardly blended with the other ingredients. This will give you a bad texture of a green smoothie.

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